From:"Prada Puentes, Carlos" <Carlos_Prada@canalejo.org>

Dear Histonetters,

Do you know if there is any antibody to study leishmania; we have had
recently several cases in transplantes patients wich we have problems to
distinguish between leishmania and histoplasma. With special stains (Giemsa
and Grocott) we resolve the most part of the cases but we´d like to have a
more "serious" way to resolve the doubts of our clinicians.

Thnak you in advance

Dr Carlos Prada Puentes
Servicio Anatomía Patológica
Complexo Hospitalario Juan Canalejo,
Avda as Xubias 84, 15006 A Coruna, Spain
Phone 0034-981178069
Fax 0034-981178036

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