Imposters and Dishonesty

From:Vinnie Della Speranza <>

I would like to remind my colleagues to take information offered on this public list with a large grain of salt unless you personally know the source. One shouldn't be lulled to believing that everyone who posts has good  or innocent motives.

This individual  ( dishonestly represented himself as being affiliated with the Pathology Department at the Universty Hospital at Stony Brook, NY, a campus of the State University of New York.

The University Hospital admitted it's first patient in 1980. I served as the Pathology Labs Manager from 1979- 1999. The current manager is a close friend.

I can state unequivocably  and with authority that USBPlumber is not now and has never been professionally affiliated with the Pathology Dept at that facility.  Indeed, the Universtiy at Stony Brook is undertaking an investigation to learn the identity of this imposter. I won't surmise the motives of this individual but rather will leave that to you. However, his dishonestly reflects poorly upon that lab he recommends we contact, which could have enjoyed a number of contacts from this audience. If he had had good intentions there would be no reason to lie about his affiliation.

A couple of quick points and I will get off my soapbox.

Legitimate posts on this list will include the full name and contact information of the respondent. We are professionals (there is THAT word again) speaking to professionals in our discipline. There would seem to be little reason for legitimate posts to be carried out surreptitiously.

Facilities do not use AOL as their email server. Individuals who are appropriately affiliated often have access to the facility's email system. Those who do not have authorization to use the facility email and choose to use personal email should NEVER make statements that imply the position of the facitly

Lastly, individuals have all sorts of reasons for posting on our list. We shouldn't assume that we don't have people outside of our discipline lurking on the list. Since we don't permit advertisements from companies on our list, one way for a company or lab to promote it's name and services is to have an individual pose as one of us and recommend that company/ lab to the rest of us.

CAVEAT EMPTOR!  Buyer Beware

Lastly, John from USB was contacted by the Pathology Dept and told to post a retraction since he dishonestly represented himself as being affiliated with them. His post (below) falls short of stating why he has deliberately made dishonest statements both on and off the list (to me by email). I would recommend caution in any further dealings with this individual for when an individual is unnecessarily dishonest one can be sure to receive nothing but the same when they are exposed and under duress.

Vinnie Della Speranza

Vinnie Della Speranza
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>>> <> 06/13/01 04:59PM >>>
sorry to make confusion, I wanted to make it clear that Stony Brook 
University's Pathology had never endorse Vivogenix's services but I 
personally did want to recommend their services.  I want to apologize 
especially to Stony Brook's Pathology Department for them didn't make the 


     I am affiliated with Stony Brook University Hospital's Pathology 
department and I recently had contracted this company, Vivogenix Inc., to 
perform my tissue sectionings and stainings.  One of my colleagues down in CA 
had contracted them for In-Situ Hybridization works.  I heard about them from 
the referral by one of my friends working in NIH.  We are all pretty 
impressed with this company.  I don't know whether they will do what you had 
asked for, you might want to ask them directly.

Stony Brook, New York

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