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From:LINDA MARGRAF MD <LMARGRAF@childmed.dallas.tx.us>

Dear Histonetters:

There has been a tremendous amount of "off-topic" discussion lately on the list regarding several different topics. As you all are aware, I generally try to provide very few editorial comments about  the list content and let the subscribers dictate how the list should run. I have been delighted by all the time and effort so many of you make in sharing your resources and knowledge with others. However, I do feel that I must, at this time, suggest people limit the off-topic and personal comments. Dr. Hagler and I run this list using University of Texas Southwestern Medical School equipment on our limited "free" time. I am afraid  the University  (or my department chairman) will ask us to stop doing this if they happen to review the list content and are put off by some of the messages. I also know we lose a few members each time a lot of "off-topic" messages circulate.

I do enjoy the occasional joke and light-hearted comment on the list but ask please that people be judicious with their comments. 
Thank you. 
Linda Margraf
Histonet administrator
Associate Professor of Pathology
Univ of Texas Southwestern Medical School
Dallas, TX

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