Handstaining large volumes of tissues

From:Gayle Callis <uvsgc@montana.edu>

Hi Mary,

Yes, can do 100 at a time using Shandon Coverplate method, 10 slides per
holder, about $160/holder, and reuse coverplates.  You get very skilled at
pipetting antibodies onto slides, very economical.  Love them

Also have Slidemaster humidity chambers, 10 slides per chamber, $400 per
unit, often set up 4 at a time, less efficient than coverplates but can
tilt them easily.  Go to Scytek website.  

Microprobe system, more expensive but you can do 20 slides per holder,
capillary gap system.  Easy to work with, need detergent in all buffers
diluents to make capillary action work.  Compact, quick, efficient when
familiar with them, very economical on buffers, etc.  You can buy just
isolons for antibodies, use large containers for buffers, holders run
approx $120 or tidge more each, need to buy gap slides (a tidge more
expensive, but time is money).  Need to stagger sections on slides or one
section per slide.  There are some tricks here.

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