Gelatin chrom-alum and Time limit on fixing gelatin blocks

From:Bonnie Wayne <>

Greetings!  I posted in May because I was having difficulty getting my
gelatin rat brain sections to stick to biobonded slides.  I received quite
a few replies and I want to thank everyone for taking the time to help me.
I'm having great success now.  The only difference in my technique is that
I cut the lower right corner off of my gelatin block.  Then I mounted
my sections on four slides.  Two of the slides had the section in the
same orientation as the cutting block.  Two were reversed.  I found
that if the sections are the same orientation as the cutting block,
they stick nicely.  There must be some curvature that was making the gelatin
curl when placed opposite the orientation of the cutting block.

I have a couple of questions:

1) Stephanie Moore said that biobond might be inappropriate for gelatin
and she suggested gelatin-chrom alum.  I'm unfamiliar with this.  Would
you be able to provide a protocol for subbing the slides with this instead
of biobond?  Where I can buy it etc.?

2)  Is there an optimal time period to leave the gelatin blocks in the
formaldehyde solution?  How long is necessary and how
long is too long?

Thanks so much, Bonnie J. Wayne

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