Dura Edge Blades

From:Jim Ball <histo007@hotmail.com>

Our institute is in the process of trying to find a reason for the poor 
sectioning we have started to experience, after receiving a new shipment of 
dura edge blades. The trouble sectioning is not isolated to just one tech 
the whole histology section is having problems. There has been no change in 
any of our processing. The lot number we are having a problem with is 1135 
003, 1135 006, 1135 007, and 1135 008. I have been sectioning tissue for 25 
plus years so the answer to everybody first question is yes I have tried 
adjusting the angel and while this helps a little the blades do not seem to 
hold an edge and I am going thru about twice the normal amount of blades I 
usually use. We have send one shipment back and the story from the 
distributor is "No one else is having any problems with our blades." They 
replaced the shipment with the same lot numbers and we continue to have the 
same problems

                                          Thank you in advance
                                    James L. Ball histo007@hotmail.com
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