From:Jeff Silverman <peptolab@hamptons.com>

Aidan and the Netters-I've been using the DSC1 for six months now and its
great. Facing the blocks is just as quick as with regular microtomes- in
fact you have four different ways to do it:

But first- I NEVER use the autoposition feature. I spin the block to near
the knife, I eyeball the block and move it back and forth with the touch pad
controls. I soon tired of that whine and waiting for the block to
reposition. I use the stop function, the go function,and the feed buttons
only. Now the facing methods-

Use the FINE forward feed button to advance as you rock the knob back and
forth like in the old days.

Let the machine spin for you real fast at 20-30 microns and throw paraffin
all over the place, or set it real slow  while you go and  answer the phone
:+), This counts as two methods LOL. Seriously, I find that I use the spin
facing method less and less.

Set the machine on trim at 20-40 but rock either knob up and down over the
knife. The machine does the advance and you control the slicing speed. I
count this as two methods since you can vary which hand you use to avoid
fatigue. You need to get a rhythm because on the upstroke sometimes the
block will jam the knife- a minor annoyance- just continue the rotation all
the way instead of trying to go back up. Its fun! You can also start thick
and get thinner using the thickness button on minus as you get closer to the
sweet spot.

40 is no problem for most larger blocks except uterus cervix bone etc.
provided it is not a biopsy. Then I use the advance button and eyeball the
depth of facing closely.
Enjoy experimenting. My rep told me they were eliminating the block sensor.
Is that so? Oh one more thing. The waste tray causes a lot of static in my
lab-must be the plastic. I've 86'ed it too.

Jeff Silverman
Southside Hospital

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