Cellsafe Mess inserts for biopsies

From:Dave Johnson <djohnson14@hotmail.com>

As far as i know, Mercedes Medical is the only company stocking the Cellsafe 
Biopsy inserts.  We can sell them to you for under $300/1000
Give us a call,  c/o Dave Johnson , Mercedes Medical , 1-941-355-3333 x 221 
or fax me at 941-552-2014

in reference to:

I think you are referring to the Leica Cellsafe Biopsy Capsule, order #
14039430015.  This is a 1000 quantity package-$714.00.  Leica Microsystems
Inc.  847-405-0123.
I'm sure they sell smaller quantities-give them a call.

Richard Rodriguez
Schering-Plough Research Institute
Lafayette, NJ

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