mineral oil xylene substitute

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Marsha R. Price (where?) notes the article "Mineral oil: the best xylene 
substitute for tissue processing yet" in The Journal of Histotechnology 23, 
143-9, June 2000 - which I also received today. By Rene J. Buesa in the Dept 
of Path & Lab ed at Mount Sinai Med Ctr of Greater Miami in Miami Beach FL. 

This very long article is up to the journal's usual editorial standards. 
Mineral oil, not a simple material chemically, comes in at least three 
commercial "weights" - the article gives no clue that I can find as to what 
kind of mineral oil is meant. I certainly wouldn't advise anybody going out 
and trying mineral oil without calling the author to find out just what 
mineral oil it was that he used.

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN

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