histotechniques and cell culture

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From:Karim Sultan <k.r.sultan@vvdo.vet.uu.nl>
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Hi Roger,
I'm now working with the mouse C2C12 muscle cell line. I used to work with:
primary bovine adrenal cortex , liver slices, NBT (bladder carcinoma), BRL
(transformed hepatocytes), Hybridomas and C6 glioma cells.
the A-549 are lung epithelial???
what are the HCEC?
Do you use the cell systems to study viral infection in vitro or just to
keep the virus alive?

>From: Pipqik@aol.com
>I work in a virlology lab at the Dean McGee Eye Institute in Oklahoma City.  
>I grow primary fibroblasts and a couple of transformed lines:A549 and HCEC.  
>What do you do?
>Roger Astley, HTL(ASCP)  

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