histotechniques and cell culture

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From:Karim Sultan <k.r.sultan@vvdo.vet.uu.nl>
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Hi All,
After recieving a countable number of answers for the cell culture request,
I'll try a different way:

I'm interested to evaluate cell culture systems with morphological, incl.
immuno-methods, AND compare the results with the in vivo state. At the
moment I'm working with skeletal muscle cells. But the approach is similar
with other tissue.

The problem is that pure "cell culture freaks" are fast in homogenizing
their cells and then the morphological  discussion finds a faster end.
Therefor I'm looking for Histo-Netters interested or working on topics like:

1. adapting classical in vivo stains, like PAS, or 
2. dealing with culture conditions to gain more differentiation (e.g.
induce long Myotubes with marginal nuclei), or
3. comparing differentiation markers.

looking forward

Dr. Karim R. Sultan
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine VVDO
University of Utrecht
PO box 80.175
NL-3508 TD Utrecht

Phone	(31) 30-2535361
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