bovine lung fixation

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Dear  Histonetters,

I am forwarding this letter from Crystal George,a fellow member of a goat
list.  She is studying BRD (beef respiratory disease):

Hello everyone,
     I know this is not goat-related but I will keep it short.  Those of
you who can help please e-mail me personally at so we don't
bother the list.
     I am working on a 4-H project and need to preserve lung tissue.  My
problem is that I will have good and bad (infected) tissue (one is light
colored and the other is dark) and when I preserve them I don't want them
to get discolored (the lighter one would turn dark).  This would defeat my
purpose of having them.
     Do any of you have suggestions or can point me in the way of someone
who does?  I want to thank you for your help ahead of time.  I really
appreciate your patience with this not being related to goats.

Crystal George
4 G Farms
Sedgwick County, CO
Kountry Kids 4-H Club

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