adding water to BPO

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You should have an explosion proof refrig for BPO storage.  IF you add
water or much humidity to BPO, you will have to remove it by drying (a
nasty thing! not only due to explosiveness but just having the stuff
sitting around while drying)  ANY water or moisture in BPO will mess up
your undecalcified bone samples, and the PMMA will not polymerize
correctly, maybe not at all.  And LR White is not designed for embedding
large slabs of cow, dog, or rabbit bone that are 10 cm thick with metal
implants that have to be sawn and ground. LRW may work fine for tiny
pieces. By the way, Perkadox is just as explosive!   

Our picric acid is stored under a layer of water, and checked frequently
but can be scooped out to make saturated picric acid.  You can't do that
with BPO without problems, or you have to pass the catalyzed monomer OVER
anhydrous calcium carbonate, a messy, dangerous protocol too. 

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