Re: source for Dura-Edge blades

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From:Dan Bickel <>
To:"Goodwin, Diana" <>, 'Histonet' <>
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There are several out there who sell the DuraEdge product. One is Statlab
Medical Products in Dallas, Texas ( The phone number is
800-442-3573. We carry both the high and low profile DuraEdge blades. We'd
be happy to provide samples and/or price quotes to anyone interested.
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From: Goodwin, Diana <>
To: 'Histonet' <>
Date: Wednesday, June 21, 2000 12:29 PM
Subject: source for Dura-Edge blades

>Good Morning, Histonet.
>I am looking for a source for Dura-Edge disposable blades.  My current
>source, ProSource has apparantly gone out of business.
>Diana Goodwin,  HT
>Trenton,  NJ

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