Re: resin sections in a water bath

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From:Karen <>
To:Peter Carnell <>,
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I would float 5 micron PMMA sections on 70% alcohol.  It softens the PMMA and
allows you to brush wrinkles out of the sections if you need to.


Karen Bowden
Dept. of Orthopedics

Peter Carnell wrote:

> I'm sectioning a polymethacrylate resin and have observed that the sections
> tend to spin/move rapidly on the water bath as they unfold.  I think that
> this may be a surface tension effect, but I'm not sure - has anyone looked
> into this phenomenon?  I plan to use add about 1% alcohol next time I
> section to reduce the surface tension, but I'm concerned about the effect
> of the alcohol on the resin - any thoughts or suggestions on this?
> Thanks,
> Peter Carnell
> Georgia Institute of Technology

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