Re: request procedure for antigen retrieval with steam

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From:Tom Wells <>
To:Connie McManus <>,
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We use two methods, depending on the antigen:

(1) Microwave pressure cooker. Partially fill the pressure cooker with water
and place 2 plastic coplin jars filled with citrate buffer (but no slides)
into the pressure cooker. We then preheat for approximately 15 minutes. Then
remove the coplin jars and insert the slides. Continue heating for
approximately 6 minutes. I then allow everything to cool for 15 minutes
before proceeding with the method.

(2)Autoclave method. For this method we use Dako target retrieval solution.
Fill the autoclave with distilled water. Place the slides into plastic
coplin jars and heat until the chamber reaches approximately 240 F. Continue
heating for another 15 minutes. Once the chamber has returned to room
temperature proceed with the method.

Prior to removing the slides from the coplin jars I replace the heated
buffer with room temperature distilled water. I hope this helps. Tom

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