Re: histotechniques and cell culture

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From:Karim Sultan <>
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Hi Elizabeth,
Yes, I know the methods for encapsulation (in Gelatine or Alginate). I did
that for Hybridomas to produce more antibodies while using less medium, and
it did work nicely. It's new for me to here the effect of cell
immobilization on the state of diferentiation, and I would have thought it
would induce differentiation rather than what you said, that it keeps
chondrocytes in re-differentiated state. Have you got a nice reference for
that or is it the experience of your lab?
Which parameters do you use for evaluating the differentiated state of

>I culture chondrocytes in alginate, they form alginate beads, this maintains 
>the chondrocytes in a redifferentiated state. Are you familiar with this 
>technique. I am new at this by the way.

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