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the question you asked is very complex and I would recommend that in order to
get the   information you need that you more clearly define precisely what you
hope to achieve,  by providing us with some more information.
I do not think that the asumption that what will work for one tissue as far as
techniques for IHC etc. will work for another. Also, I am not sure about muscle
as it is not my area, but many of the differentiation markers for cells become
lost or at least inactive when cells are cultured.

1.    where are the muscle cells you are using from, species, strain, location?
2.    are you separating cells or using pieces of tissue as in "organ culture'?
3.    if separating cells the technique used
4.    the method of culture, is this stanadard, 3-dimensional culture etc.

Karim Sultan wrote:

> Hi All,
> After recieving a countable number of answers for the cell culture request,
> I'll try a different way:
> I'm interested to evaluate cell culture systems with morphological, incl.
> immuno-methods, AND compare the results with the in vivo state. At the
> moment I'm working with skeletal muscle cells. But the approach is similar
> with other tissue.
> The problem is that pure "cell culture freaks" are fast in homogenizing
> their cells and then the morphological  discussion finds a faster end.
> Therefor I'm looking for Histo-Netters interested or working on topics like:
> 1. adapting classical in vivo stains, like PAS, or
> 2. dealing with culture conditions to gain more differentiation (e.g.
> induce long Myotubes with marginal nuclei), or
> 3. comparing differentiation markers.
> looking forward
> Karim
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> Faculty of Veterinary Medicine VVDO
> University of Utrecht
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