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<color><param>0100,0100,0100</param>We have in the past used liver powder to remove endogenous liver 

Following is our method.

<bold>Preparation of Powder

</bold>1. Dice normal liver, small cubes approx 1/2 cm cubes

2. Extract repeatedly with acetone until solvent is clear

3. Dry tissue in oven overnight at 37 degrees celsius or longer if 

4. Powderise dried liver with mortar and pestle


</bold>1. Perform staining method as per standard method up to and 
incuding the blocking serum stage

2. Place a small amount of the liver powder (2-5g) into the already 
diluted primary antibody and allow to stand 2 minutes

3. Place the reacted primary antibody into a small centifughe tube 
and spin down

4. Remove supernatant and retain for use on section, discard tube 
and pellet


Immunohistopathology - A Practical Approach to Diagnosis 

Jules M Elias, 1990, page 46

Hope it helps<color><param>0100,0100,0100</param>

Rosalba Zumbo
Technical Officer ( Scientific)
Institute of Forensic Medicine
Sydney, Australia

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