Re: Unregistered HT(s)

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From:Terry J Mattoon <>

We have two techs who are registered HT's, one is HTL eligible but the
Government does not recognize the increased certification.  I am
currently grossing in small specimens along with dictation.  Is anyone
else doing this?  If you are, this is not what a Histotech  normally does
but a resident pathologist.  If you are currently doing this , are you
being compensated?  
Terry J. Mattoon
VA Med Ctr.  #113
White River Jct.,VT   05001
(802) 296-5193

On Mon, 19 Jun 2000 13:49:39 -0400 Mary Bryhan
<> writes:
> I was wondering if anyone has unregistered HT(s) in  their labs?  If 
> you do, do they do lab aid work or histo. tech. work?
> Mary Bryhan

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