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From:Lynn Gardner <>
To:"Woodfin, Amy C" <>
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<html> My condolences to the histology group and family effected by this horrible situation.  <br> <br> Most sincerely,<br> Lynn Gardner, HT(ASCP)<br> The University of Iowa<br> Anatomy and Cell Biology<br> 51 Newton Road<br> 1-100 BSB<br> Iowa City, IA 52242<br> <br> At 05:03 AM 6/29/00 -0700, you wrote: <br> <font face="arial" size=2><blockquote type=cite cite>Yesterday afternoon Dr. Rodger Haggitt, Director of Anatomical Pathology at the University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle, was shot and killed in his office in the Pathology Department by a resident, who then killed himself.  </font><br>  <br> <font face="arial" size=2>Kim, Victor, and all the rest....our thoughts and prayers are with you.</font><br>  <br> <font face="arial" size=2>Amy Woodfin</font><br> Pathology Supervisor<br> St. Joseph Hospital<br> Bellingham, WA</blockquote><br> <br> </html>
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