Re: Tissue Processors

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From:"Bill Sinai (Anatomical Pathology)" <>
To:Eileen Lonergan <>, Histonet <>
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Date:          Mon, 26 Jun 2000 13:38:26 -0400
From:          Jill Songer <>
Subject:       Re: Tissue Processors
To:            Eileen Lonergan <>,
               Histonet <>

The Sakura VIP's hands down!! Main reason-dependability. We have had ours 
for 10 years. One machine has had 0 service calls and the other machine has 
had 1 call and that was because of user error. Also,  we do our own PM's 
and the Tech support people are great.

Hope this helps.

Although I have heard great reports about the Leica, I have four 
VIP's with great service records.  Two were purchased in the early 
eighties and two in the mid nineties.  All four perform well with 
little down time due to component failure.  Most failures relate to 
user error.

Bill Sinai
Department Manager
Tissue Pathology
ICPMR Westmead Hospital 
Phone 61+2+9845 7774  Fax 61+2+9687 2330

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