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From:Sarah Christo <>,
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I chose the Shandon Pathcenter.  I do research and like it's versitility.  If you run only one or two programs the VIP is a workhorse.  But it did not suit my needs.  Sarah

Sarah Christo, HT (ASCP)
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Texas A&M University
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Dept. of Vet Anatomy & Public Health
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>>> Eileen Lonergan <> 06/26/00 07:50AM >>>
I realize that this topic has been visited numerous times, but if given the
opportunity to purchase a new processor and the choices were either the
Sakura VIP or the Leica TP1050, which would you choose and why.  Thanking
you in advance for any feedback, Eileen Lonergan, Ardais Corp, Lexington
(781) 274-6420 x 206

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