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I was going to post this to histonet and at the last moment lost the 
courage because of the known sensibilities of some readers.  
Guess that's the problem with such a colorful and mixed 
community.  One of my evaluation forms from Providence RI said 
that I was "crude" on occasion.  I don't think he/she would have 
taken too kindly to the following (true, I swear!) outcome.

"Thank you all for the vital and overwhelming response in support of 
my endeavours vrs the purchasing prefect.  I have enough evidence 
for the prosection, which found guilty and confirmed the sentence 
as suggested!
The "ball" is in a vice, just tight enough to discourage a struggle.  
This month's favoured charity is receiving from any and all visitors, 
$5 for half a turn of the vice handle and $10 for a full turn.  Some 
ladies come back time and again, having apparently abandoned the 
one-armed bandit."

Russ Allison, 
Dental School

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