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From:N Kenneison <>
To:Keith Rogers <>

In the UK a company called Menarini market a rack with a 250ml lidded
container for microwaving holds 20 slides (I think) we are in the
process of trying one . But looks good and could fit quite a few in a
microwave. IN the US try Biogenex. I have cannot remember the cost but
it didn't scare me off even though I am in the NHS. 


In message <>, Keith
Rogers <> writes
>Dear Histonet,
>Our lab is trying to find a specific type of slide staining rack. We have 
>tried all of the usual sources without any luck so now the challenge goes 
>out to you:
>Each rack holds 24 slides - upright
>Must be microwaveable
>The ones we have are a grey plastic but the colour is not important, they 
>also have a moulded handle in centre shaped like a "T".
>Thank you in advance,
>Keith Rogers F.I.B.M.S.
>Laboratory Manager
>Pathology/Histotechnology Laboratory
>SAIC Frederick
>P.O Box B, Frederick, MD 21702-1201
>T. 301 846 5190/1275
>F. 301 846 6236

N Kenneison

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