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From:Marylou Pohl <>
To:Clarke Ian <>
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We have partially gone to formalin substitute fixation using Prefer from ANATECH
because my prosector is sensitized to formalin..  By using a Lipshaw Gross Lab
Senior and using Preefer for the bx's, we have seemed to help her continue in
her career.  By partially I mean that we only fix our biopsies in Prefer, but
that it a lot.  This fixative is given out to the GI, urology and pulmonary
clinics.  We do not use Prefer for dermatology specimens as it lyses red blood
cells and that would hinder a vasculitis dx with derms.

Our larger specimens coming from OR still are 10%NBF fixed.  They are thoroughly
rinsed prior to dissecting.

Hope that helps.

Clarke Ian wrote:

> Dear Histonetters,
>                                 I have a query regarding the formaldehyde
> substitutes ,Prefer,Preserve and glyco fixx .We are in the process of trying
> out these alternatives and have been told by a Rep, that we would require
> formaldehyde to store tissue samples .As we are wanting to eliminate the use
> of formaldehyde in our laboratory is this the case?Does anyone out there
> utilise these fixatives routinely and do you store your tissue in these
> products .I know we could use 70% alcohol as a storage medium but this may
> cause a fire risk.
> Thanking you in advance
> Ian Clarke
> Histopathology/Cytopathology Department
> Craigavon Area hospital NHS Trust
> UK

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