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From:Carrie Cartwright <Carrie.Cartwright@Agouron.COM>
To:balaton <>
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I have used RNA later in the past.  I used it on spinal chord to preserve the
RNA for RNA extractions.  The tissue became rubbery causing the sonication of
the tissue to be a challenge, but the RNA preservation was just as good as fresh
tissue.  I had comparable bands on my gels.  I also used it on eyes that were
then embedded in OCT.  Unfortunately, I was unable to section the eyes because
they became very sticky.  I never got one good section.

balaton wrote:

> Dear HistoNetters,
> Is anybody aware of a product called RNA Later which can be used to
> transport tissue fragments for 24 hrs and enable subsequent RNA extraction ?
> Thanks in advance
> Andre Balaton
> Centre de Pathologie
> Bievres
> France

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