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If I wanted to be employed, your place would be on the top of the list,
especially with that staffing pattern!   :)  BUT, I will just visit, lay at
the resort in the sun with the mist maker spraying, sipping a great  Mint
Julep and heading for the street fair in Palm Springs every Thursday evening
to pick up fresh veggies, dates and  some great art works.....not to mention
munching my way from one end to the other listening to the great sounds of
the bands!  On a Fri. or Sat. you could find me at "The Follies"  Once I get
my Tap Dancing down pat, I may be in the cast of those fantastic people over
55.  And to be on Jack Benny's former stage would be a plus.   Just a
frustrated Chorus Boy here.  *Grin*  Next life maybe!  Maybe TV
Debut was enuff, right Shirley Powell???

I would move there in a minute but your State  taxes would take so much of a
chunk out of my retirement funds, I would have to go back to work!  :(

Don Hammer, Retired Guy
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Subject: Job Opening

> Eisenhower Medical Center
> 39-000 Bob Hope Drive
> Rancho Mirage, CA
> (Home to the Betty Ford Center)
> We have an open position for a staff Histotech. We are a 280 bed community
> hospital located in the desert of Southern California in the beautiful
> Springs area. The only "high rises" you will see out our windows are the
> snow covered mountains! It's hot in the summer, but winter time brings
> temperatures in the 60-80's. If you miss the cold weather, you can drive
> ride the aerial tramway to the top of the San Jacinto mountains to romp in
> the snow or go cross country skiing. The hospital is within two hours of
> Diego, LA, the ocean, and ski resorts.  It is a great place for golf,
> tennis, swimming, and hiking. No need to travel to Las Vegas, we have our
> own exciting casinos!
> We are a high quality lab and we are looking for someone who gets excited
> about doing quality work. We did 10,000 surgicals last year. Our staff
> consists of 2 Pathology Assistants, 1 Pathologist's Assistant, 5
> and 1 Team Leader.
> We are, of course, looking for someone who is competent and skilled, but
> there are other qualities that are very important to us. We work closely
> together, respect each other, enjoy each other, and have lots of fun. We
> would like to find someone who would contribute positively to this kind of
> workplace.
> The hospital is currently adopting a program called "Professional
> It is an exciting new philosophy in which all members of the healthcare
> make decisions and share responsibilities. Decision-making councils are
> up of employees. It is an atmosphere where your decisions are trusted and
> your contributions are valued. As Team Leader, I am committed to being
> respectful of everyone I work with and to allowing staff to make all
> decisions about what directly affects the job they do.
> Generous benefit package and high-end salary range.
> If you are interested, please contact:
> Marg Hagerty
> Phone: 760.773.2013
> FAX: 760.773.1587
> e-mail
> Thanks!
> Marg

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