Re: Eosin to Identify Tissues

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From:Barry Rittman <>
To:histology <>
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We have used both eosin and erythrosin to stain small pieces of tissue. The
amount of 1cc (I assume 5% soln) seems a bit of overkill. You can us much
smaller quantities. We have tended to use erythrosin instead of eosin as this
seems to give a brighter stain contrast especially for isolated nerves and so
There is a down side. Both of these dyes are fluorescent dyes and if they
remain in the sections then this will interfere with any FITC staining etc.
In these cases you do have to remove the dye from the sections and if stained
heavily this is an extra step.
Barry wrote:

> Hello all:
> Has anyone tried a small amount of eosin (i.e. approx. 1cc in the first
> alcohol bath of the tissue processor) to mark tissues so they are easily
> seen in the block?  What is the "down side" of this practice? How does is
> differ from using Mercurochrome?
> Thank you very much.
> Deborah L. Johnson, MT(ASCP)SH, CLDir
> Administrative Director, Laboratories
> Holy Name Hospital
> Teaneck, NJ

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