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From:Karen <>
To:Connie McManus <>,
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I have used BPO for years, I store it wet and in the frig. until I want to use
it.  I then dry only what I need in a desiccator (not an oven).


Karen Bowden
Dept. of Orthopedics

Connie McManus wrote:

> Dr Bob,
> thanks for this informative new clip.  I keep my picric acid in very small
> quantities (approx. 50 g) with enough water to cover the top.  The only
> thing I use this for is the Picric Acid/ Acetone solution in my gram stain,
> so it doesn't matter that the PA is wet.
> This brings me to another question... I have benzoyl peroxide in my lab and
> I am very concerned with the best way to store it as it is another very
> explosive chemical.  When I worked at Ohio State University, I had a BPO
> explosion in my lab.  I was drying 0.5g in the oven (35 C), but instead of
> putting it on the rack, I made the blunder of putting it directly on the
> bottom of the oven.  I left the lab for  a minute.  When I came back, the
> oven door was open and blue smoke was wafting out (it had just happened
> milliseconds before I came into the lab).  This caused all sorts of
> excitement... the campus fire dept. came, all the employees had to leave
> the building and my favorite, the firement tried to get into my lab by
> chopping it with their handy axe.  Luckily, I was able to stop them and
> open the door with my key.  So, in order to prevent history from repeating
> itself, if anyone has suggestions on the best way to store BPO, I would
> love to hear from you.   Right now, I keep some in my fume hood in a
> ceramic dish with a large glass petri dish cover over it.  The fume hood
> sash is always kept closed... I figure if it blows, the fumes & smoke will
> at least be vented out.
> Thanks in advance for your helpful suggestions!
> Connie McManus
> Veterinary Daignostics Lab
> Utah State University
> Logan, Utah

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