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Ian Clarke in the Histopathology/Cytopathology Department, Craigavon Area 
hospital in the UK has a query regarding the formaldehyde substitutes Prefer, 
Preserve, and Glyco fixx. 
>>We are in the process of trying out these alternatives and have been told 
by a Rep that we would require formaldehyde to store tissue samples Is this 
the case? I know we could use 70% alcohol as a storage medium but this may 
cause a fire risk.<<

Please, folks, when you post queries like this one, don't just post the trade 
name - give us some idea of the chemical composition - look at the Materials 
Safety Data Sheet (MSDS - or in this case perhaps its UK equivalent).

Prefer is of course ANATECH's glyoxal based fixative (glyoxal is an aldehyde 
fixative like formaldehyde), and this question would be appropriately 
directed to Ada Feldman or the Dapsons at ANATECH - those guys know 
EVERYTHING about the chemicals they sell. - I never heard of the other two 
products - what's in them?

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN

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