RIP: Rodger Haggitt, MD

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Rodger Haggitt was a wonderful pathologist and teacher.   
Our hearts go out to those who were close to him.  
The story below in inadequate.  MJ

From Associated Press 

Resident Kills a Medical Chief, Himself in  Seattle   
  SEATTLE--A resident physician who had recently been fired  walked into the
office of a high-ranking doctor, shot him to death  and then killed himself
Wednesday afternoon at the University of  Washington, campus police said. 

 Staff members outside the office's closed door heard raised  voices, then
at least one gunshot, then a few minutes later another  shot. 

 University police found both men dead and a handgun nearby. 

 "It's a tragedy. We have two highly educated men gone,"  campus police
Capt. Randy Stegmeyer said. 
 The victims were identified as Dr. Rodger C. Haggitt, 57,  director of the
University of Washington Medical Center pathology  division, and Dr. Jian
Chen, a resident physician from Taiwan who  was in his 30s. 

 Chen apparently had an appointment when he entered Haggitt's  private
office in the Health Sciences Building, said Stegmeyer.   He said Chen had
recently been told that his contract as a  resident would not be renewed.
Such a termination for a resident, a  doctor nearing the end of his
training, would harm his prospects for  future employment.   Police said
they believe Chen had been at the university for  about a year.   Chen
apparently shot Haggitt, then himself, police said.   Seattle police
homicide detectives were called to help with the  investigation. 

 University spokesman Walter Neary said the shooting occurred  away from the
areas where patients are treated. The giant health  science complex of
interlocking buildings includes the medical  center as well as doctors'
offices, classrooms and research  laboratories. 

 Haggitt, a doctor of anatomic pathology, joined the university in  1984 as
director of the division of hospital pathology. He was  married with three
adult children.   

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