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We used to make these for our GI pathologists all the time. Then Kodak
stopped making them. We resorted to using 2 x 3" glass slides and cutting
them down to 2 x 2". This was difficult as we used a diamond pencil to
scribe and then break the glass. We had a lot of waste. That glass was
thicker, so we had to 'unmake' some older slides to use that old glass for
coverglass or the combination would be too thick to work in a carousel
projector. To make a long story short, we gave up making these. When made as
John says, they work great.

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I'm not sure if they are still available, but I used to purchase glass slide
film mounts. They came in a box of 100 and were just thin pieces of glass
cut to the correct size for a slide projector. I picked up tissue sections
on one, stained and "coverslipped" with another one. The edges were wrapped
with metallic tape so they would work in the slide projector. I purchased
them through some of the larger photographic supply houses such as those
which advertise in most photo magazines.

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> Good morning histonetters,
> This is a "dream site"..such a fantastic resource. I want to thank all
> that responded to my necropsy knife question. We are going to try some
> from two different companies. I was surprised by how reasonable the
> prices were. Now lets see how the quality holds up.
>  Anyway another request. I need to find glass slides that are 5cm x 5cm,
> the size of a kodachrome. Any ideas. Thanks.
> Betsy Molinari
> Texas Heart Institute
> 713-794-6524

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