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We have the shandon cassmark also and are about to get a second one. There
is a marked improvement in legibility.... humans don`t write as well and
time is wasted  deciphering which
is what. This is also less dangerous in that it is never comming off. We lov
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Hi Randall:

We have a Cassmark from Shandon that we like very well.  It sure beats
writing them by hand and smudging them or having them illegible!  The
Cassmark imprints the cassettes with heat sort of like burning the label
in so that it never comes off.

On Tue, 20 Jun 2000 11:25:19 -0500 Randall Carpenter
<> writes:
> Dear Histonet,
> I am in the process of looking for a cassette labeling system.  I am
> familiar with the Shur/Mark system.  I have seen some cassettes with 
> a
> label printed on in a dot matrix type pattern.  Is anyone familiar 
> with
> this machine?
> Randy Carpenter
> Minneapolis,  MN

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