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The first step should be proper ventilation, as a fume hood.  This is the
recommended process.  The most important things about a respirator is the
fit and the cartridge used.  The cartridge must be specific for the chemical
that it is filtering out.  The maximum allowable limits set by OSHA are 0.2
ppm over a 15-minute period (STEL).  There are companies that will come in
and measure your exposure.

Jennifer MacDonald

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> Subject: 	Xylene Respirators
> Hello everyone,
> I have been asked about a respirator that is sufficient to protect
> pregnant 
> lab employees from xylene vapors.  Do any of you have any recommendations
> or 
> experience using respirators for this purpose?
> This is a general question as I am not aware of the ppm present in the lab
> in question, although I am told the fumes are pretty strong.  The lab I
> work 
> in uses a xylene substitute so this has not been an issue.
> Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
> Thank you,
> Louri Caldwell
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