RE: Unregistered HT(s)

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From:"Tom T. McNemar" <>
To:Mary Bryhan <>,

I currently have 3 unregistered.  One has been here forever but has never
taken the exam.  She could pass it if she could get over the whole "TEST"
thing...... The other two are MLTs.  It is our requirement that all new
hires take the exam as soon as eligible, including the MLTs.  Everyone does
everything.  No offense to any of you MLTs out there but I don't plan to
hire any more MLTs.  The MLTs I have are capable and make as good a histo
tech as anybody else but I have a problem with them getting pulled to work
in the main lab.

Tom Mc Nemar
Pathology Supervisor
Licking Memorial Hospital
Newark, Ohio

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> Subject:	Unregistered HT(s)
> I was wondering if anyone has unregistered HT(s) in  their labs?  If you
> do, do they do lab aid work or histo. tech. work?
> Mary Bryhan

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