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Our cut sheet is hand generated.  The lab assistant that is helping with the
grossing records the information as the doctor grosses.  They record the
number of pieces of tissue in each cassette and the number of cassettes.
They will also write down what special stains may be required.


> Is your "cut sheet" computer-generated or do you hand-write all of the
> info?
> We accession into the computer but we also keep a hand-written cut sheet.
> The computer could not provide us with what we wanted for a cut sheet.
> Laurie
> Burbank
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> 	We use the computer to log all of our specimens.  At the end of each
> day we print a master log that has all of the specimen information.  It
> has
> much more information than we could put in a log book.  We also have a
> "cut
> sheet"  that has the number of specimens, blocks and special instructions.
> 	Jennifer MacDonald
> > > you do not use a log book anymore??
> > 

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