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We have the Sunquest Computer System (not their Copath version) and our
histotechs do order entry in the computer.  We average 50-70 cases a day
that filter in from various courier runs and our in-house surgery
department.  This is the process that we have done forever, I'm sure the
histotechs would rather the secretaries did this.  After the morning cutting
is done, a histotech is dedicated to working in the gross room.   Our
secretarial staffing level is not sufficient to do this.          Sheila

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Fellow AP Histonetters,

Our lab is shopping for a new computer system, and they all have a feature 
that could turn our accessioning system upside down.  With the system we 
have now, we apply an accession number to the case with a preprinted 
computer generated sticker.  (I print 4,000 at a time.) In this way, we can 
gross in over 60 cases first thing in the morning, and the medical 
secretaries do order entry in the computer whenever they have time.  With 
the new computer systems, the case has to be entered before you can be 
assigned an accession number and do gross.  This will really slow us up, 
especially since the medical secretaries think that now we will be doing the

order entry.  So now I have to think outside the box.  How do other people 
do it that have heavy work loads and a computer system like the one I will 

Bec the Tec
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