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We had similar problems to the ones you described before we switched to
digital photography. We used Royal Gold print film. With our particular
system we got better color rendition by using Royal Gold 25 rather than 100.
We took our film to a local processor who would give us custom color
correction, but we still had background color problems. After discussing the
problem with the processing lab we decided that the first shot on each roll
would be of a grid slide we used for measurements. This slide had black
markings so the processor could set up his machine for a true black and a
true white for the background. He could then process our film. After working
with him for a short time we were able to get a good set of prints of all
the stains we normally photographed. These were given to him as guide prints
so that he could make any minor color adjustments as needed. After all since
he never worked in a histology lab he had no idea what color the stains
should be. These two steps solved our problem. After that it was just a
matter of being consistent each time we photographed.

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> To all of you who answered my question(s). I want to thank you. The 
> information really helped! Thanks again. I might actually get a descent
> image 
> thanks to you people!
> Elizabeth 

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