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Let's just put it this way, you may have to do a little work on the side to 
cover the makings for the mint juleps if you took up acting for a career. 
"not-so-evil grin" :):)

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>If I wanted to be employed, your place would be on the top of the list,
>especially with that staffing pattern!   :)  BUT, I will just visit, lay at
>the resort in the sun with the mist maker spraying, sipping a great  Mint
>Julep and heading for the street fair in Palm Springs every Thursday evening
>to pick up fresh veggies, dates and  some great art works.....not to mention
>munching my way from one end to the other listening to the great sounds of
>the bands!  On a Fri. or Sat. you could find me at "The Follies"  Once I get
>my Tap Dancing down pat, I may be in the cast of those fantastic people over
>55.  And to be on Jack Benny's former stage would be a plus.   Just a
>frustrated Chorus Boy here.  *Grin*  Next life maybe!  Maybe TV
>Debut was enuff, right Shirley Powell???
>I would move there in a minute but your State  taxes would take so much of a
>chunk out of my retirement funds, I would have to go back to work!  :(
>Don Hammer, Retired Guy
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>Sent: Friday, June 23, 2000 3:38 PM
>Subject: Job Opening
>> Eisenhower Medical Center
>> 39-000 Bob Hope Drive
>> Rancho Mirage, CA
>> (Home to the Betty Ford Center)
>> We have an open position for a staff Histotech. We are a 280 bed community
>> hospital located in the desert of Southern California in the beautiful
>> Springs area. The only "high rises" you will see out our windows are the
>> snow covered mountains! It's hot in the summer, but winter time brings
>> temperatures in the 60-80's. If you miss the cold weather, you can drive
>> ride the aerial tramway to the top of the San Jacinto mountains to romp in
>> the snow or go cross country skiing. The hospital is within two hours of
>> Diego, LA, the ocean, and ski resorts.  It is a great place for golf,
>> tennis, swimming, and hiking. No need to travel to Las Vegas, we have our
>> own exciting casinos!
>> We are a high quality lab and we are looking for someone who gets excited
>> about doing quality work. We did 10,000 surgicals last year. Our staff
>> consists of 2 Pathology Assistants, 1 Pathologist's Assistant, 5
>> and 1 Team Leader.
>> We are, of course, looking for someone who is competent and skilled, but
>> there are other qualities that are very important to us. We work closely
>> together, respect each other, enjoy each other, and have lots of fun. We
>> would like to find someone who would contribute positively to this kind of
>> workplace.
>> The hospital is currently adopting a program called "Professional
>> It is an exciting new philosophy in which all members of the healthcare
>> make decisions and share responsibilities. Decision-making councils are
>> up of employees. It is an atmosphere where your decisions are trusted and
>> your contributions are valued. As Team Leader, I am committed to being
>> respectful of everyone I work with and to allowing staff to make all
>> decisions about what directly affects the job they do.
>> Generous benefit package and high-end salary range.
>> If you are interested, please contact:
>> Marg Hagerty
>> Phone: 760.773.2013
>> FAX: 760.773.1587
>> e-mail
>> Thanks!
>> Marg

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