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You dreamer you!  Could such a system come in our life time?

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The comments about accessioning stratagies have been interesting and I have 
often thought about what a truly good path system would have. As I see it, 
most problems in dealing with specimens in pathology are caused by having to

enter information and handle paper in an area where people are doing a lot 
of hands-on work with dirty stuff. Here's my suggestions. Please comment or 
add to them!

1) all specimens come bar coded with demographic information already input 
by a secretary somewhere.

2) scanning the bar code automatically assigns an accession number and dumps

all patient info into the local system.

3) a keyboard-less entry system similar to those used in fast food 
restaurants so that tissues, panels and personnel information can be put in 
with just a few finger taps. This same setup is used througout the lab to 
enter info about blocks,stains and results. No paper requsitions or rest 
requests are ever used.

4) All slides are barcoded (along with typed info) and every computer 
station has a scanner. You go to the computer and scan the slide and the 
patient record comes up.

4) Dictation of gross and micros goes directly into the system, eliminating 
any transcription. Using standard dictation codes would make this painless.

5) If you need a hardcopy of case info for a daily logbook you print a 
single label that you stick on a sheet or board for just that day's 
reference (that way you don't need to print out partial lists all day long).

6) Reports are handled fully by the pathologist with most info automaically 
coded and input with the fast-food keyboard. The rest is dictated. No more 
back and forth to transcriptionists for corrections would be done.

7) Reports are kept electronically, nothing on paper, saving huge amounts of


Anybody seen anything like that out there?

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