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If safety officers would spend time in EVERY area of a lab BEFORE passing
judgements on what is needed to comply, then our lives would be easier.  If
they do not learn the ropes, so to speak, then they have truly NOT done
their job.  Uninformed "policing" is unacceptable.  


>Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 15:44:41 -0500
>From: "Tapper, Sheila" <>
>Subject: RE: Cryostat knives
>To: "'MacDonald, Jennifer'" <>
>CC: 'histonet' <>
>I apologize to all I have offended.  I am speaking from my experience.  The
>safety officers that I deal with in my hospital are RN's - with limited
>knowledge of laboratory practices, much less histology.  I rely heavily on
>our laboratory representative to be my voice of reason.  You are absolutely
>correct - I shouldn't assume that all safety officers are ignorant of
>histology procedures.  
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