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From:"Kellar, Eric" <kellarec@MSX.UPMC.EDU>, 'Linda Stirpe' <>

Since 1983 we have moved from Sunquest to CoPath M to the current CoPath
Client Server and CoPath Plus system. Dynamic Healthcare Technologie's
CoPath, their anatomic pathology system for over 15 years, has recently
become Dynamic CoPathPlus, an image and voice enabled system for anatomic
pathology. CoPath provides easier selection and data entries than other
competitors through a graphical user interface (GUI) that integrates
graphics and text. It also is able to handle multiple users and provides
access to site-specific databases through client/server technology. This
type of technology requires that one, or multiple computers, act as the
dedicated server or servers. There are two types of servers; database and
network. These two types of servers are commonly combined to provide the
base of a client/server system. 

Dynamic CoPathPlus is image-enabled through the integration of the AutoCyte
Image Mangement System (AIMS), marketed by Dynamic under the name Dynamic
PICSPlus. With PICSPlus, pathologists can share the visual component of
their pathology and cytology diagnoses with referring clinicians. PICSPlus
acquires high-resolution digital microscopic and gross images of medical
specimens; images are stored with patient and diagnostic data and can be
printed directly on CoPathPlus reports. There are a few bugs with this so
far and switching back and forth from program to program is a pain.

CoPathPlus also includes an integrated continuous speech recognition
solution - Dynamic Talk. In conjunction with CoPathPlus, Dynamic Talk
reduces the dictation process in pathology and expedites turnaround time for
patient reports. Dynamic Talk supports a 25,000-word pathology vocabulary
and a language model based on common word patterns used in the specialty.
Words can also be added to the existing vocabulary. Little training is
required to master Dynamic Talk in a "hands-free, "eyes-free" environment.
Pathologists and PA's can dictate the case descriptions and reports can be
edited with Microsoft Word or reviewed and edited with Visual Writer,
electronically signed out, and then stored in the CoPathPlus database. 

The company began converging traditional clinical applications with emerging
Internet technologies in 1999, positioning themselves for a leadership role
in the e-Health business to business (B2B) marketplace. Dynamic's e-Health
solutions enable authorized health professionals to use the company's
systems over the Internet, thereby extending their reach to remote
hospitals, outreach service locations, reference labs, physician offices and
homes. The company is headquartered in the Orlando area and has a key
operations and development center near Boston.

Eric C. Kellar

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> We are currently using the Sunquest AP System but will
> be changing to CoPath in November.  I would appreciate
> any comments or suggestions from current users that
> might be helpful to us.  Thanks.    
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