Need Ph# or Company name to buy postive slides

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From:N Kenneison <>

Try in the UK  Menarini or iun the US Biogenex they do two types one
positively charged with forsted end (very good adhesion qualities even
in HIGH pH solutions and Pressure cooking. They also do a slide with a
barrier around two thrids of the clear area also very good adhesion and
does not affect the LEica CV 500 coverslipper (no bubbles).

Would also be interested in what price these are in the US. 

Thanks Nigel

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>Dear Histonet:
>Does anyone have a phone number or name of company that carries positive charged 
>slides, frosted end the size that I need is  1x3 by 1.2
>Thank you so much
>Sandi Miller  HT
>MRICD Research

N Kenneison

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