Many more Histology Job Opportunities Available!

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Hello Histonetters!

My name is Mike Sugg and I'm a National Histology/Cytology Employment
Consultant for Professional Foundations, Inc. I assist skilled Laboratory
throughout the United States in an effort to help them find their ideal
employment situation.  I am currently working on Histology job leads in 32
states.  If you or
somebody you know would be interested in the any of the following job
opportunities, please feel free to
respond to my e-mail:

ALABAMA   (Histo Techs)
ARIZONA   (Histo Techs)
CALIFORNIA - SOUTHERN (Histo Techs & Supervisors)
COLORADO   (Histo Techs)
CONNECTICUT   (Histo Techs)
FLORIDA   (Histo Techs & Supervisors)
ILLINOIS   (Histo Techs)
INDIANA   (Histo Techs)
KENTUCKY   (Histo Techs)
LOUISIANA   (Histo Techs)
MASSACHUSETTS  (Histo Techs & Supervisors)
MARYLAND   (Histo Techs)
MICHIGAN   (Histo Techs)
MISSOURI   (Histo Techs)
MISSISSIPPI   (Histo Techs)
MONTANA   (Histo Techs)
NEBRASKA   (Histo Techs & Supervisors)
NEW HAMPSHIRE  (Histo Techs)
NEW JERSEY   (Histo Techs)
NEVADA   (Histo Techs)
NEW YORK   (Histo Techs & Supervisors)
OHIO    (Histo Techs)
OKLAHOMA   (Histo Techs)
SOUTH DAKOTA  (Histo Techs & Supervisors)
TENNESSEE   (Histo Techs)
TEXAS    (Histo Techs)
UTAH    (Histo Techs)
VIRGINIA   (Histo Techs)
WASHINGTON   (Histo Techs)
WASHINGTON D.C.  (Histo Techs)
WISCONSIN   (Histo Techs)

Professional Foundations, Inc. services are 100% employer paid...that means
that the candidate
looking for work never pays us anything. Our corporate mission is to provide
individualized job
leads for our candidates.  By doing so we strive to  make a COMPLETE
between our candidate's  skills, abilities and desired geographic location
that of our client's requirements, culture and values.

If you or someone you know in the Histology/Cytology field is looking to
make a job change,
please contact me immediately with the type of position you are seeking and
ALL the geographic
locations that you would consider working in throughout the U.S.

We offer candidate referral bonuses for any person that can refer us a
Histology or Cytology
candidate that we are ultimately successful in placing into a position with
one of our clients.

Thank You and Take Care,

Mike Sugg
Employment Consultant (Histology/Cytology)
Professional Foundations Inc.
PO BOX 23026
Federal Way, WA 98093
Phone # (425) 557-5595
Fax # (253) 927-7379
E-Mail -

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