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From:Luis Chiriboga <luis.chiriboga@med.nyu.edu>
To:Histonet <Histonet@pathology.swmed.edu>
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<!doctype html public "-//w3c//dtd html 4.0 transitional//en"> <html> Dear Fellow Histonetters <br>Although the response rate was low,  I want to thank all of those who did respond to my request ! Included is a synopsis of the results (Sorry for the mistakes in the original questionnaire and any that follow). I hope this is useful to everyone !!!  Thanks again!!! <p>1) Which heating method do you use for HIER? (i.e.. Microwave, pressure cooker, combination etc...). <p><b>Steamer; 32%, Waterbath 13%, Microwave 29%, Pressure Cooker; 13%, Microwave-pressure Cooker 6%.</b> <p>2) What is the average "real" heating time for antigen retrieval? (actual boiling time). <p><b>0-5 minutes; 13%, 5-10 minutes; 13%, 10-20 minutes; 35%,  20-30 minutes; 16%,  30+ minutes; 10%</b> <p>3) How long is your cooling period? <p><b>0-5 minutes; 13%, 5-10 minutes; 19%, 10-20 minutes; 42%,  20-30 minutes; 13%,  30+ minutes; 6%</b> <p>4) Do you perform manual or automated IHC? <p><b>Manual; 32%, Automated; 42%,  Both; 16%.</b> <p>5) Do you prepare your own retrieval solutions or purchase commercial? <p><b>Commercial; 61%, In-house; 29%, Both 6%.</b> <p>6) Do you use more than one HIER solution? (please list) <p><b>Yes; 48%, No; 45%</b> <p>Retrieval Solutions Used (In alphabetical order) <br><b>1% Zinc Sulfate</b> <br><b>Antigen Decloaker</b> <br><b>Biocare EDTA</b> <br><b>Biocare Reveal</b> <br><b>Biogenex-AR-10</b> <br><b>Biogenex-Glyca</b> <br><b>Biogenex Citra</b> <br><b>Citric Acid pH6.0  NOS</b> <br><b>Dako Citrate Buffer</b> <br><b>Dako Target Retrieval</b> <br><b>EDTA pH10.0 NOS</b> <br><b>EDTA pH7.0 NOS</b> <br><b>EDTA pH8.0 NOS</b> <br><b>Herceptest Retrieval Buffer</b> <br><b>Nuclear DeCloaker</b> <br><b>Vector Ag Retrieval Solution</b> <br><b>Zymed Citrate pH6.0</b> <p>7) Which solution do you use the most? <p><b>Most frequently used retrieval solution Citric Acid pH6.0 (Homemade); 26%,</b> <br>  <p>  <br>-- <br>Luis Chiriboga Ph.D HT(ASCP)QIHC <br>Department of Pathology 4W27 <br>Bellevue Hospital <br>NYU School of Medicine <br>First Avenue & 27th Street <br>New York, NY 10016 <br>(212)562-4667 <br> </html>
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