H.O.D (hereditary osteo-dystrophy)

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From:Cathie Crukley <Cathie.Crukley@sjhc.london.on.ca>
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I am posting for information again from the veterinary medicine people on the list.

Some time ago I was asking for information on the relationship between combined vaccines and H.O.D. before acquiring my Weimaraner puppy.  My puppy is five months old now, I did vaccinate her separately and she has been fine, two of her littermates have come down with H.O.D. and one of them has died, both were male.

Can anyone tell me if there is a test available to determine if a dog is a carrier and what type of sample would be required?  Also, are probes available to stain the joint material for the presence of distemper and parvo?

I would appreciate references if any are known.


Cathie Crukley, MLT
Immunopathology Lab, SJHC
London, Ont.

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