caspase-3 (active)

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From:mark fenwick <>
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Dear Histonetters,

I am new to this list and am not sure if this topic has arisen before.
Anyway, I'm trying to develop an immunohistochemistry protocol for an
active caspase-3 antibody on mouse ovarian tissue and, as yet, have been
unable to obtain any positive results. I've tried various antigen retrieval
techniques, played round with different fixatives and tissues etc, still
without any joy.
Has anyone used a similar ab? (bearing in mind that this is different to
the proform of the enzyme which is simply called caspase-3 or CPP32)
I have two commercial sources, one from R&D systems, the other from
Research Diagnostics Inc.
Also, does anyone know anything about the half-life of caspase-3 once it
becomes activated? Or whether the concentration of this enzyme is at a
detectable level within individual cells?

Any information or technical quirks would be gratefully received.

Mark Fenwick
Dept. Anatomy & Structural Biology
School of Medical Sciences,
University of Otago, New Zealand.

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