antibody staining for beta-gal

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Hello fellow histonetters!

A while back I asked this question but I don't think I did a very good job of 
it.  I would like to know if anyone out there has used an antibody for 
beta-galactosidase successfully.  I've gotten some good reports from the 
literature for a 5 prime-3 prime antibody but they are no longer in business.  
I've been unsuccessful in my search to see if anyone else is currently selling 
this antibody.  The work will be done on frozen/paraffin mouse brain sections.
 It would be best to have a polyclonal antibody under the circumstances but at 
this point I just want one that will work.  We've already invested quite a bit 
of money on this project with no consistent antibody results yet.  We will be 
doing the bacterial (X-gal) staining also - thanks to the "Bible" that was so 
kindly sent to me, but we also need the antibody data.  Thanks for all your 
help everyone!

Angeline M. Studdard (formerly Meadows)
Cell Biology and Anatomy
Medical College of Georgia
August, GA

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