air "purification"

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Hey Don (Hammer),
Does that machine work on the same principle that the "purifiers" 
in bars work?  I remember a guy demonstrating an !air cleaner" in 
my rugby club and it contained a cathode ray tube, accross which 
the room air was drawn and static electicity made the particles 
"stick" to the tube.  Every do often, the tube got cleaned.
Worked well.
Have you noticed how dirty your TC screen gets? (Well, the glass 
on the front of your tube, actually.)
Often wondered why they were not in labs.  I note that in the UK, 
internally re-circulating fume-cupboards are  geting a degree of 
H&S approval.  They work partly on electroctatic charging to 
remove particles (and odours).
Hope you make it to WI.  It will be a poorer meeting without you.

Russ Allison, 
Dental School

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